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T. Beren Sarı

Founder / Director


+90 539 885 1876



Tasdelen / Kırlangıç Street / Moonpark Houses /

Istanbul Turkiye

About Me

I'm T. Beren Sarı, As a member of Generation Z, I'm someone who has made the most of every opportunity presented by the era of my birth. I've been fascinated by the world of technology since early childhood and had the privilege of gaining experience in various fields within this industry. I began my professional career as a 3D Artist and later ventured into entrepreneurship by founding my own Art Outsourcing firm. Starting my career at a young age, I have the ability to take on any role within my own company. I have particularly specialized in areas such as art management, 3D design, interior design, digital marketing, social media management, copywriting, project management, and team leadership. With my team, I've demonstrated my abilities by creating over 15 environment and asset packages in collaborative projects. I take great satisfaction in being part of this exhilarating journey in the world of technology and contributing value to the business world.

Work Experience

December 2022- Present


Hane Studios / Hane Mod Studio / Hane Sounds

At Hane Studios, I successfully rebranded the company from Hane Mods (2020) at the beginning of 2023. Leading a diverse team of 8 full-time employees and 9 part-time contractors and freelancers, I oversaw the creation of over 15 environment and asset packages. My versatile role encompassed various facets of company operations

July 2020 - November 2020

Graphic Designer / Social Medıa Manager

Anticor Textile Brand / Istanbul Turkiye

I've worked as a graphic designer and social media manager at Anticor, a pandemic-focused textile brand. I contributed to the brand's growth by creating creative designs and implementing effective digital marketing strategies

February 2021 - Sept. 2022

3D Artist / Level Designer

Hane Mods

After acquiring skills in 3D Design and Level Design, I founded Hane Mods, a small initiative where I independently created interior and asset projects. Through my self-developed projects, I showcased creativity and skills, contributing to the growth of my endeavor.

Sept. 2022 - May 2023

3D Artist / Level Designer

Razed Mods

After honing my skills in 3D Design and Level Design, I joined Razed Mods, a global game mod producer, where I gained 8 months of valuable experience. During my time there, I contributed to innovative game mod projects, expanding my expertise in the field.

Sept. 2022 - May 2023

3D Artist / Level Designer


While at Razed Mods, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Nopixel, a leading GTA 5 RP server, as a 3D Artist and Level Designer. I contributed to the design of a Sheriff Department and Hospital, enriching my skill set in both fields.

October 2021 - Present

Business Consultant

Boo Design Studio

After gaining substantial experience in design and art management with international firms, I assisted Architect Cansu Soğuksu in launching Boo Design Studio as a Business Consultant. I transitioned from my background in design to support her journey in the field of clothing design, contributing to the studio's success.

March 2020 - Sept. 2020

Website Manager / Article Editor / Istanbul Turkiye

I have served as both an article editor and site manager at, a prominent technology product review and news platform. During my tenure, I honed my expertise in tech journalism, content editing, and website management, contributing to the site's success and growth


Project Management

Experience in project management of more than 15 projects.

Team Management

Team management experience of 17 people in the fields of Design, Marketing, Software and Music.

Company Management

Company management experience working in the gaming industry for more than 2 years

3D Desıgn

3D Design experience of 10 environmental design projects

Level Design

Level Design experience of 17 environmental design projectsprojects.

Art Direction

Art Direction experience of 5 Environment and asset design projects

Trailer Cinematography

Trailer Cinematographer experience for promotional trailers of 8 Environment design projects

Digital Marketing

Experience on digital marketing activities of more than 15 projects.

Social Media

Social media management experience and algorithm determinations of more than 3 brands.

(Hane Studios , Anticor, FivemNews5)

Software Skilss



Adobe Substance Painter


Unreal Engine


Autodesk 3DS Max


Autodesk AutoCAD


Autodesk Maya


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Premiere Pro








Major Projects

3D Artist - Portfolio | 2022

Let's Get

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