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3D Artist


I’m T. Beren Sari, I have been interested in design and art since my childhood. With the pandemic that started in our country 2 years ago, I had the chance to get the time that I could not allocate to these areas of interest in the normal process, by switching to the online education system. My first official job was to be an editor on the "" website, and my work here continues with the management. During this period, I took my first steps in the profession of designer with the interest in some of the digital drawings I made as an amateur and a training request in this field. In the following process, I developed myself both on the basis of creativity and program interfaces with the trainings I received on the internet. In the beginning, I did album cover designs for some amateur artists in connection with my experience in Photoshop. Likewise, while I was working in this field, I had the chance to work as a social media designer and manager in a textile company, which was created by some young entrepreneurs named "Anticor" on a freelancer website. With the termination of the brand project, I started looking for new focuses for myself. During this time, I was involved with 3D Artist on video games. I started to work as a Map developer and 3D Artist on FIVEM, the third-party platform of Rockstar Games' video game Grand Theft Auto 5, in order to use and multiply my 3D design experiences in the past. Then I established Hane Studios with the idea and desire that my works attracted attention, and that I could carry out works in the animation sector, as well as video games. With the growth we have experienced in the past months, our team has reached up to 14 people, 8 of which are 3D Artists, 3 of which are programmer, 3 of which are game modder and we are currently serving more than 1000 international customers. Along with these, we are continuing our preparations to enter the NFT and animation sector. In addition, our projects are used in Rekkitz City, the presenter of the streamer “Ahmet (Jahrein) Sonuç” and also used in EDRP, which is the server of the "Erik Dalı" streamer group. I also have personal experience in the Rekkitz City developer team.



Online Design Lessons 
- From A to Izzard 3DS MAX  | Udemy

- UnityC# Game Development Tutorial | Udemy

- Blender Beginner Tutorial | Blender Guru

Commentary 3D Tutorials | Polygon Runway  


Advanced: 3ds Max, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Substance 3D Painter
Proficient: SketchUp, Adobe Premiere Pro




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